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            1. Welcome to visit Haimen Wuyang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. official website! Home | Contact Us | Admin | 中文版

              · Sodium thiosulfate
              · Ammonium Thiosulphate
              · Vat red F3B
              · Vat red 54#
              · 2B acid
              · 3-Chlorophenol

              About Us

              Haimen Wuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.(Nantong Jihai Chemical Co., Ltd. , Nantong Haida Chemical Co., Ltd.) was founded in June 1979. The company adheres to tenet of "quality first, customer top", implements modern enterprise system and operation philosophy, and takes scientific management and introduction of talents seriously, thus it has been rated as advanced village and town chemical enterprise of China, and advanced enterprise for environmental protection in Jiangsu province. The company can offer satisfactory products and services by implementing ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Based on product R&D center...


              • Add: East Side of Lindong Road, Linjiang Industrial Park, Haimen City, Jiangsu, China
              • P. C.: 226133
              • Tel: +86-513-68908066 , 68908056
              • Fax: +86-513-68908080
              • URL: www.jihaichem.com
              • E-mail: sales@jihaichem.com


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