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              2B acid

              1. Common name: 2B acid
              2. Chemical name: Aminochlorotoluenesulfonicacid
              3. Structural formula:

              4. Molecular formula: C7H6ClNO3S,
              5. Molecular weight: 221.5
              6. Physical and chemical properties: technical product is white or light red powder, with a little ammoniacal odor. Flash point>240℃.
              7. Specification:

              Appearance: white or light red powder
              Purity (weight)%: ≥98.0
              Moisture, (weight)%: ≤1.0
              Insoluble matter in alkali, (weight)% ≤0.5
              Ash content, % ≤0.5

              8. Uses: the product is an important organic pigment intermediate.
              9. Storage: keep in well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from oxidants, heat and fire.
              10. Notes: the operator shall wear safety goggles, safety glass shield, gloves and antigas mask.
              11. Toxicity: acute per os LD50 is 12g/kg (rat).

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