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              1. Chemical name: 3-Chlorophenol
              2. Molecular formula: C6H5ClO
              3. Molecular weight: 128.5
              4. Structural formula:

              5. Physico-chemical properties: light yellow crystal or liquid, with unpleasant odor. Melting point33-35℃, boiling point is 217℃, relative density is 1.245(45℃), refractive index is 1.557 1(40℃). Slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in alcohol, ether, glycerin and caustic alkali solution. The product is toxic.
              6. Quality index:

              Item First class Superior Pharmaceutical grade
              Appearance light yellow crystal or liquid light yellow crystal or liquid light yellow crystal or liquid
              Melting point 33-35℃ 33-35℃ 33-35℃
              Content (HPLC) >98.0% >98.5 >99.0

              7. Uses: the product can be used in organic synthesis. It plays an important role in pharmaceutical, dye and pharmaceutical industries.

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